Posted by: Lawrence D. Elliott | January 5, 2012

2012: Why I Welcome the Apocalypse

Even if the disastrous predictions of the Mayans come true and the world as we know it ends, I’ll be prepared to make my last year on earth the greatest period of my life.

So, welcome apocalypse!

Toward the end of 2011, I busily planned and prepared for the coming turbulent year. This included not only planning my writing schedule, but finishing and/or starting quite a few exciting endeavors.

First, I wrote an entire first draft of a book during NaNoWriMo in November. I was pretty proud of this because of the many life changes I’m currently going through. In fact, I finished so fast, I started another writing project.

Next, I created a podcast and got it listed in a ton of directories, including iTunes and Blackberry. I even created a YouTube channel and uploaded the first installment of the podcast as a preview.

In addition, I’m finishing the final touches on the first of two articles on the subject of writing for a monthly online magazine.

Ang I’m still editing that novel that seems to be hanging around a bit longer that I’d hoped. If I could just get that completed by early 2012, that would be such a relief.

Yeah, I’ve been a very busy guy the past couple of months.

The first few days of 2012 have already included several rejections, so I’ll have to prepare for those, too. And, as it’s been pointed out to me many times, rejections are a part of the life of a writer. And just as I did a few years ago, I still collect the various rejection notices I’ve received—whether on paper or in digital format. It goes back to what I learned after 20 years in business: you have to get a certain number of NO’s before you get a single YES. So, I always keep tract to remind myself my YES is just around the corner.

But rejection still stings, no matter how much you tell yourself it doesn’t. This is my way of relieving that sting, as crazy as it may sound.

So, if the world does indeed end in 2012, I hope to be sitting at my laptop tapping away on the next story or with one of my manuscripts in hand busily editing. I can’t see a better way for a writer to go, can you?

And if I’m fortunate to make it Heaven, maybe I’ll be greeted at the pearly gates with the ultimate question: “So Lawrence, did you ever get that novel finished or what?”


  1. You’re my new hero.

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