Posted by: Lawrence D. Elliott | February 22, 2012

Marketing, marketing, marketing…

“Bitte was?” is still #1 in 3 categories at! Danke!

Marketing, marketing, marketing…

Every single day, that has to be the first thing I think about. Before I brush my teeth. Before I take my first sip of coffee. Even before I turn on my laptop.

Yesterday, I saw my single Bitte was? An American author’s misadventures in the German language was still number one in three categories at In addition, it is #386 of all PAID Kindle eBooks. But the numbers for the English-language Amazon sites are far behind. This puzzles me, especially since the piece is written in English! I never saw this one coming. I never thought this could be possible. An English-language piece is number one outside the US? As they would put it in this area: Häää?

I can hear the comments now: “What do you expect, Lawrence? It’s about the German language!”

I know. I know. I know. And I’m grateful that it’s selling at all. How many indie authors don’t sell a single copy of their work?

But come on, my American brothers and sisters! The fact that it’s about German shouldn’t scare you. It’s quite humorous, actually. And, if I can say this, I’d figure there would be quite a few people back home who would enjoy reading about me making a fool of myself in Germany. Perhaps they should treat themselves to a bit of guilty pleasure. {smile}

But today is another day. Another chance to find those missing pieces of my marketing puzzle. Because my future writing will not always be about Germany or German. Which means I can’t expect the great people of Germany to keep bailing me out.

Such is the life of being an indie author, huh? Time to stop whining and get to work.

☼         ☼         ☼

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  1. I’ve just begun reading it, and love it so far! Congrats, Lawrence. Please keep the good writing coming.

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