Posted by: Lawrence D. Elliott | February 26, 2012

Another Rose for our Decembers

"We've just collected another rose for our Decembers."

We’ve just collected another rose for our Decembers.

This morning, I learned of the loss of someone special. She was the mother of very good friends and she always made us feel like one of the family whenever we visited the home. She always greeted us with a warm embrace and a bright smile. She’d ask how our lives were going, then listen closely as we shared the details, whether good or bad. That’s the special part. People often ask, but rarely really listen.

Then, we would ask about her life. She’d tell us about this pain and that pain. Then, we’d discover she walked a couple of miles to the store, then another couple of miles somewhere else. I’d look at her and say, accompanied with a hug, “Come on, you’ll probably outlive us all.”

Sadly, she didn’t. Like all of us, she was human. But what a wonderful human she was. And by being so wonderful, she seemed to renew our faith in the goodness of humanity. We all need people like this in our lives because, just around the corner, we seem to meet someone who tries to steal that faith away. In respect of the privacy of the family, I won’t disclose the name of this wonderful woman. But anyone who’s met her will immediately understand of whom I’m speaking.

This is the worst part about being in Germany. Of being so far from home. So many special people seem to be leaving and I feel so helpless. It’s not that I could do anything about it if I were still there. I can’t. When it’s our time, we make that journey alone. But perhaps I wish I could be there one last time to let them know how truly special they were to me. How truly special they’ll always be in my heart. But that was my mistake. I didn’t do that before I left. I can only hope she could see it in my eyes every time we met.

But what can I say?

“I pray that God blesses this family for their loss.”

I think about these words every time I say or write them. They’re honest and heartfelt words, but they also seem so hollow. I never know what to say when someone passes away. Words can never fill the void they leave.

But when someone special passes on, I have my own way of trying to fill that void. I remember the wonderful moments I shared with them. I think of all of the special moments. Because these memories will sustain me during those inevitable moments when I feel the void of their loss.

This quote from author and playwright James M. Barrie has always been perfect for me:

“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”

It works for me.

☼         ☼         ☼

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