Posted by: Lawrence D. Elliott | October 27, 2012

Barack Obama and the A.N.D. Principle

Well, we’re less than a week away from the election and the evil shadow of race has been lurking below the surface. Only the bold have come out and made their feelings completely known. Very few “prominent” figures have put it right out there. Well, except John Sununu, the former New Hampshire governor and current co-chairman for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. In the past, he’s made his comments well known by saying the President is “lazy” or that he should “learn to be a real American”. Such comments have left him with much wiggle room, but what he said on the Piers Morgan show left no doubt in the minds of anyone what he was talking about.

It was response to the news of Gen.  Colin Powell’s endorsement of President Obama for another 4 years term. Gen. Powell gave his reasons for his endorsement. Here is the video clip:


But Mr. Sununu decided to give America the real deal. Watch to the video clip:



Anyone who has heard John Sununu knows this was rather mild for him. It would have made you think his words were well thought out, even though they obviously weren’t. Of course, he later walked them back (as expected) saying he doesn’t doubt that Powell’s backing of Obama is based on “anything but his support of the president’s policies.” You say such a thing about someone who gave a rather detailed explanation for supporting the President, then you apologize later. By the way, has anyone heard from Mitt Romney? Anyone? Anyone?

Or course, how Mr. Sununu said what he said is not as important as the content of what he said. To put it bluntly, he was stating it didn’t matter which black person was running against Mitt Romney, a white man. Colin Powell would have endorsed the guy, no matter what. The claim that African American’s voted for President Obama only because of his color has been flying around since he won and I don’t expect it to die now. In fact, it will only get worse as November 6th gets closer. It’s the A.N.D. Priniciple: Any Negro will Do.

Black folks will vote for any dark face, no matter what his or her qualifications. No matter what their ideology. That means if Snoop Dog were on the ballot, he would be getting 95% of the African American. And Gen. Powell? He would endorsed him yesterday!

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