Posted by: Lawrence D. Elliott | December 25, 2012

Sweet Potato Pie in Germany? Still FREE Christmas Collection at Amazon

Sweet Potato Pie in Germany? Yes!

Get your FREE copy at Amazon NOW!

There’s still time to get your FREE copy of   “Christmas Stories from my Heart: Four unforgettable holiday tales from my life”, but it will end on December 25, 2012, at 11:59 PM, so don’t wait! All dates and times are Pacific Standard Time.

The first story is titled “Our Christmas of 1971” and is about the first Christmas he and his family experienced after being homeless that same year.

The next story, titled “Unexpected Guests”, was first published in the book A Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas in 2007. It’s about a Christmas Eve the author spent in Germany with a young German couple in 1981, while serving in the United States Air Force. Their kindness never left his heart.

The third story is titled “Hands”. It’s a different kind of a holiday tale. It shows how the curiosity of a child reminded him of how we are all different, yet similar in many ways.

The final story is titled “Sweet Potato Pie for Christmas”. It shows how different cultures can come together in harmony, in spite of those differences.

As Lawrence explains, “These Christmas stories are moments that helped shape my understanding of the true meaning of the season.”

Get your copy NOW and please feel free to leave a review at

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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If you liked reading this post, please take a look at my books and singles. My most recent release is a collection (only $1.99!) titled Christmas Stories from my Heart: Four unforgettable holiday tales from my life . In fact, you can find all of my work listed at my author page here, or at my website here.  Thank you so much for reading my blog.

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